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Rock - Hard Rock
Previous peak charts position #302
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #18
Outlaw Saint/R. Stites
Copyright 2013 Outlaw Saint Music.
June 28, 2013
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3:54 minutes
CHORUS: Now I'm doing time in Cell#9 * Where ears turn deaf and seers go blind * A wishing well or living hell? * It's getting real hard to tell some times * In Cell#9... "Check this out..." VERSE#1: Now I'm scum by birth, I walk this earth * Always trying to figure out where I fit in * I'm a heart attack from the wrong side of the tracks * Everyone says that I'm living in sin... CHORUS VERSE#2: Never piss off a man who's got nothing to lose * 'Cuz those are the one's who show no fear * I am one of those men that you do not choose * Don't understand? I'll make it quite clear... CHORUS (SOLO#1) VERSE#1 CHORUS (SOLO#2)