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Imagine Peace of Mind - www.jensong.com.au.mp3
A song for others to perform, my most sentimental for a long time! I started it in Central Park NYC at John Lennon's memorial after feeling his presence big time. Dedicated to John and his huge influence on my life and music xx
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Jeni Wallwork
Jeni Wallwork
January 10, 2013
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IMAGINE PEACE OF MIND Emerald set in concrete cluster First of summer Central Park Time warp from the first of winter Back home it’s cold and dark Imagine mosaic mandala Got me in a spin Strawberry Fields flowing Glowing through my skin My skin Imagine peace of mind You and I were young together When you sang my life for me Until the night the Earth stopped Mmm....across the street I still feel your excitement In this city you called home Green jewel deep in towering canyons Heart of the world where dreams come true Where your voice still lights the way Singing in my bones My bones Imagine peace of mind Had to feel it for myself Cross the world into your space Walked your Abbey Road footsteps And now your resting place Thank you for Imagine Thank you for the fire Of peace and love you keep alight I’m forever inspired Inspired