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More than More - www.jensong.com.au.mp3
A song for others to perform, inspired by a lonely Christmas and also about Christian's wanting 'more' of a normal relationship with Anastasia in 50 Shades. A professional rocky version of this song is Jake Long's mix 2 songs above this.
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Pop - Pop General
Previous peak charts position #47
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Jeni Wallwork
Jeni Wallwork
January 06, 2013
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MORE THAN MORE Stone hearted years drag by in grey departed dreams leaking lonely fears Will you find me touch this ice waiting breaking for More than I deserve More than I ever knew More than I’ll ever feel You are more than more Nightmares flee now I’m sleeping in your heart beating with hope so I can float, I can feel Today promises a happy ever after all we’ve been through I love you The more that I look in your beautiful eyes My fears just vaporise
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