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Am Ende Vom Sommer
Heavy, down-tuned guitars, and ambient textural guitars. A little like Hammock jamming with Rammstein. Hard to pin this track down to one genre.
Rock - Instrumental Rock
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Rob Wessel
December 03, 2013
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7:18 minutes
Story behind the song
Composed at the end of summer 2012, and dedicated to my uncle Henry who passed away in August 2012. Most guitars, except for the melody and the harmony guitars toward the end, were recorded through Amplitube 3. The heavy parts and the down-tuned clean arpeggio part were recorded with my Buckethead signature Les Paul Studio. The ambient parts were my MJ Groovemaster. I also made much use of the Eventide Black Hole reverb I got in late summer 2012 in processing the ambient guitar parts.