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Ireland Is Your Land
This CHARITY DOWNLOAD SINGLE - has all proceeds going to the HDAI: "Huntington's Disease Association of Ireland".
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Acoustic - Acoustic Folk
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Benny The Busker
Benny The Busker 2007
December 22, 2012
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3:36 minutes
Story behind the song
"Ireland Is Your Land" (Charity Download Version) features children from St. Joseph's National School in Miltown Malbay, Co. Clare, Ireland. These children, aged 10-12 years, sing the chorus and play traditional Irish instruments – including tin whistles, concertinas and banjos. "Ireland Is Your Land" is based on Woody Guthrie's famous song. This charity version of "Ireland Is Your Land" was recorded in 2012, the 100th anniversary of Woody's birth. All proceeds from this recording are going to the HDAI: the "Huntinton's Disease Association of Ireland".
Ireland Is Your Land - version for the Charity Download Single by Benny The Busker © 2007 (1.) As I went roving, through ruins of history, I saw around me a terrible beauty; I saw before me the greenest valley, Ireland was made for you and me. Chorus: Ireland is your land, Ireland is my land, From the coast of Leinster, to the Connaught Islands, From the North of Ulster, to the south of Munster, Ireland was made for you and me. (2.) As I was wandering, down whistling byways, I heard immortal tunes from dancing high days; While deep inside me a voice was singing, “Ireland was made for you and me.” (3.) As the sun came sliding, slowing to heat me, The road, unwinding, rose up to free me; As night came falling that voice kept calling: “Ireland was made for you and me.” (4.) My folks were born here, then came their worst fear: As famine forced them to a foreign frontier. But when the tide turned, I came back home here, Ireland was made for you and me. Copyright Benny The Busker © 2007. All Rights Reserved. Words copyright Benny The Busker © 2007. Music (Trad. Arr.) copyright Benny The Busker © 2007. Song registered with IMRO & LIbrary of Congress.