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Not your typical 17 instrument track waltz. (19 if you include the 2 drum tracks).
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Rock - Folk Rock
Previous peak charts position #270
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Eric K Holbrook
Eric K Holbrook
December 09, 2012
MP3 4.9 MB
160 kbps bitrate
4:18 minutes
Story behind the song
Was always intrigued by the Stranglers, "Waltz In Black" and while this is not anything like that song, it was an attempt to create a more modern waltz type of song. Creating the song was a combination of initially laying out a base drum track to play against. Then playing guitar and recording these base couple of tracks. I imported these in the Garageband for the iPad and added in several keyboard and synth tracks, then recorded these back out to my desktop sequencer. Did more mixing (but still keeping each individual track) and once again brought the result into the iPad to create some final instrument layers which again, recorded back out to the sequencer. The next few days were spent layering in each track in the right order so that the entire song built up over the first 2.5 minutes, but trying to keep instrument such that if you listened it was still distinguishable from the rest. And then eventual fade down of most tracks with only the background guitar strumming near the end.