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Mississauga Man
This song charted in the top 30 in Canada in the 1993 (RPM Weekly Country Charts)
Single - $0.50
Rock - Southern Rock
Charts #9 today (peak #4)
Charts #1 in subgenre today
Morris P Rainville & Dorothy Rainville
December 07, 2012
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Story behind the song
I had been playing this melody on guitar and humming it. My wife went in the other room and came out 20 minutes later with the words to Mississauga Man. After some work with the song and it being recorded, it became the title song for the album (CD)
THE MISSISSAUGA MAN Morris P. Rainville Dorothy Rainville The sun was hot as blazes, the day I came to town Lord I swear I weren't no ladies man My jeans were worn and faded and my hair was a-hanging down My T-shirt torn and my beard was rough and long I was sure that I had talent, I was headed for the big time With my guitar and my music and my band But I didn't have an angle nor a name they could remember So I called myself, The Mississauga Man I sat upon a barstool and kicked the floodlights on And I sang a song about some good old boys The rednecks all got rowdy but they liked the songs I played So they all sang and I just played along. I looked out past the spotlight and I swear I saw an angel With raven hair and a California tan And written 'cross her T-shirt was "The Mississauga Lady" So I shouted back, I'm "The Mississauga Man" Chorus Beautiful lady, you found your man Love your shapely body and your deep dark tan I like your raven hair won't you take my hand Mississauga Lady want to be your Mississauga Man. The Mississauga Lady took me all the way to stardom With my guitar and my music and my band Now the audience goes crazy when they're listening to my music They finally heard, The Mississauga Man. to Chorus.. c 1992, Rarerabit Music (socan)BMI
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