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Skysent LU - Last man's cry
11 2012 "Last man's cry" (http://soundcloud.com/skysentlu/last-mans-cry) Music: Skysent LU, Lyrics: Costas From the CD 2 Seconds Late (2012)
Rock - Hard Rock
Costas/Skysent LU
December 07, 2012
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At the brake of dawn, when the sun will light my way, I will search for the truth and nothing can save my prey... I'll climb the highest hills; I'll dive into the depths of abyss; My quest will never stop until I hear the last mans cry! Fragments of life, strange feelings and emotions, are trying to curse my dreams and put an end to my creation... No more longing for love! I will claim what should be mine! Just try to prove me wrong and you'll awake the beast inside. Creations falling from the endless reign But I can't see the end; The meaning of life seems so far away When you cover it over with lies... I fall into darkness, still you hold my hand And yet I feel so safe! I won't fear the places I've never been; They remind me I'm not insane!