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Skysent LU - Into the night
"Into the night" (http://soundcloud.com/skysentlu/into-the-night) Music: Skysent LU, Lyrics: Alexandros, Costas, Nondas From the CD 2 Seconds Late (2012)
Rock - Hard Rock
Alexandros, Costas, Nondas/Skysent LU
December 07, 2012
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Into the night, discovering places, meeting new faces with nothing to hide. We're loosing our sleep, talking with strangers; all different cases that could hurt your pride Into the night the moon lights the shadows We find the gallows - the shape of a ghost Hearing the laughter, dreaming the screamers, Nothing is quiet now and nothing so loud... Into the night the legends are waking; Honor is taking our glory away. Scouting for a dream that glows in the darkness, Always praying; they're here to stay. Into the night we sense strange vibrations, arousing temptations from the other side. We search for the time when words had some meaning, We try to describe suspicious minds. Lost in the valley of thoughts into the night. Regretting for sins in the past; wondering why. Surrounded by puppets and dolls, haunting your mind. Kill the monster in your closet and turn off the lights. Lost between pleasure and lust into the night. Redream your success full of greed into the night. Burning desire of rebirth; your wrath is divine! Into the shadows of the world, into the night.