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Skysent LU - Follow me
"Follow me" (http://soundcloud.com/skysentlu/follow-me) Music: Skysent LU, Lyrics: Costas, Nondas From the CD 2 Seconds Late (2012)
Rock - Hard Rock
Costas, Nondas/Skysent LU
December 07, 2012
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With a case of beers dancing in my head Pretty girls surround me, but I want you instead! Don't want to know your name tonight... Come closer now my dear! I think it's time to have some wine To cast away my fear! Everything that I want is in the wine, I don't care if you are fat or light! I don't care about your age n' height! Follow me!! Through the times of lonely single nights, I don't care if you are a b*** disguised! I don't care if you have two pairs of eyes! Follow me!! My dream now seems so real; I can't escape this time. Just have to face my fear: I'm waking by her side! I can't believe the thing I see! I wish I was not here... Lord....!! Have mercy on my soul and make this creature disappear! Everything that I want is in the wine!