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Skysent LU - Few moments
"Few moments" (http://soundcloud.com/skysentlu/few-moments) Music: Skysent LU, Lyrics: Alexandros From the CD 2 Seconds Late (2012)
Peak #203
Peak in subgenre #10
Alexandros/Skysent LU
December 07, 2012
MP3 6.5 MB, 128 kbps, 7:07
Hiding in my dreams... Hiding in my senses... Difficult situations; believe that the sense you give me is real and nice. Look at my face and you will understand that the feel you give me is unique. Look through my eyes and you will see that the sense is my inspiration I make illusions seems so real, I touch your soul and it's so weird! I made you sad before your mind realized that the sense you give me is so nice and made me.....believe The moonlight shadow refreshes you when you are thinking a different pleasure. Nothing defines you anymore! Nothing restrains you anymore! Come and go like a hurricane, swing the dark in the flame of thoughts. No one told you that your gaze looks like death and provokes fear to the idols of fake Gods! Accept yourself and destroy the mirror; It's the end of the search for a new hero! The mountains are waiting your innocent cry; You're so wounded in dangerous sight. I've made your world and your desires You see your feelings (are true). I've made new thoughts in your brain And you believe that (anything can be) I've made prayers for sleep and tears And you are asking (if this is faith) I've made attitudes and behaviors You are trying to guide (your social pretensions) Hiding in my stars... Finding a new sun.... Strange times for expectations... But the sense you're give me is real and nice. Hiding in my dreams... Hiding in my senses... Everything can be done! The energy of senses has eternal life...
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