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Skysent LU - Bob's Adventures
"Bob's adventures" (http://soundcloud.com/skysentlu/bobs-adventures) Music: Skysent LU, Lyrics: Alexandros From the CD 2 Seconds Late (2012)
Rock - Hard Rock
Alexandros/Skysent LU
December 07, 2012
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I climb the mountains, still I catch my breath. I see your home from here, still I see the earth. Mermaids in a lake invite me to their sexy games, I play with them, enjoy myself, tomorrow I'll come again! I'm in the forest, in the shadows of the trees, I see a dead bird and I know that it means! I approach in to the cave, the monster will arise I tell him the password: the monster recognized! I rest on the moon, I count the stars I have a mission to arrest Mars! I rest on the moon, I count the stars I have so many reasons to arrest Mars! Now I must concentrate, I have a work to do. I must find the world of the cave, a special world for you! I go down the rocks; I arrive at the core, I search for the creature that I have seen before. I dive into the lake; I want to see the bottom. Suddenly I disappear and I'm out of the water. Mermaids touch me gently, I feel so f*** ing good! I'm not so blind to understand that I'm on the moon!