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Letz Get It On
Passionate love song
HipHop - Hip Hop General
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #9,811
D. Jones/J. Johnson
D. Jones and J. Johnson
November 30, 2012
MP3 4.8 MB
160 kbps bitrate
4:10 minutes
Story behind the song
Fell in love with my best female friend
Letz Get It ON I wanna take my time to use my rhymes to tell you exactly how I feel until I seal the deal. Until your heart I steal. I’m burning stacks of tracks from reel to reel by writing rhymes with sex appeal. You make my heart race and your lips I wanna taste and place mine upon your face and trace your smile with the tip of my tongue and I’ll leave you sprung before this first verse is even done. I’m having fun turning two into one. I’ve begun my approach. I’m not a player anymore but you can call me the coach. I’m beyond reproach. So let’s take it slow and easy. Let me satisfy what your needs be. It’s pleasing me the way you switching your hips you know it’s teasing me. I wanna caress your skin like Sumer breezes be. I’ll take the time for romance. We’ll two step when we dance. To tell the truth I wanted you cuz it was lust at first glance. Chorus: So let’s get it on (repeated) As a matter of fact I’m not sure how you’ll react when I tell you what I want is you flat on your back. then on your hands and knees with me up in between, I’ll make your head spin like cycles on a washing machine. By the end of the day I’ll take your breath away when all you hear in your ears are all the words that I’ve gotta say. And if I’m your choice then I’ll be using my voice and with every word you heard I’ll make sure it stays moist. So let me explain my plan just so you understand I’m just a fan I’m not trying to be your man but if you say I can, I’ll take you by the hand and then we’ll fly to foreign lands and drag our toes thru white sand. I’m gonna straighten your curls and I’ll take the time to sweat your perm out. Try new positions that we learned about and see how it all turns out. I’ll make you shiver and quiver when I deliver my feelings flow like a river when my words come out. Chorus: So let’s get it on (repeated) Now I’m a grown ass man so let me make my point clearly I’m not trying to get by with a lie, I want you near me. So I can do those things to you to make you smile, you know my style, I’m versatile. So put me on your speed dial and just for fun give me a trial run And when you’re home alone just call me on the phone and Dave Jones come thru to make you scream and moan, you ain’t Medusa but you still make me hard as stone. You best believe I can achieve exactly what you need before I leave. I’ll make your back arch and chest heave. I’ll leave you pleased when I retrieve another trick from up my sleeve I’ll have you celebrate the night like it was New Year’s Eve. And when it’s said and done if you’re so inclined, then you can go your way and girl, I will go mine. And if the thought of us creep up from behind in the back of your mind, now you know SMOOV Daddy ain’t so hard to find. Chorus: So let get it on (repeated)