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Road of Life
Life inspiring rap
HipHop - Positive Vibes
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D. Jones/R. Johnson
David Jones & R. Johnson
November 30, 2012
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THE ROAD OF LIFE The time has come for the total and the sum of your attention while I mention my lyrical intentions about the road of life as I see it. There is a fork, a part, a split in the road. I guarantee it. To the left or the right, there’s no sign for your sight. The right road goes up. Are you afraid of heights? Come take your time and listen to my rhymes and see if you agree with me, the S-M-OO-V. Now picture in your mind an arduous climb. An unbeaten path that’s straight up and down from time to time. And to the left is a gradual slope and you hope that that path there requires no rope. Now every journey begins with one step. You gotta take it. A decision must be made. You gotta make it. Left, right, up, down while your mind goes round and round. There ain’t no more stopping, you’re destiny bound Chorus: On this road of life. You live once not twice there ain’t no chance to roll the dice. So what’s your choice? Have you made your decision? Now close your eyes and picture my vision. Now to the left is the way that you choose to go At first you’re travelling slow but soon you’re into your flow. Accompanied by your friends and your homies ‘cause being by yourself can get kinda lonely. If I’m lying, show me. As you travel the scenery unravels. There’s no more pavement, only dirt and gravel. A human convoy beating a path. So quickly downhill but how long will it last? And as the road goes on, you see the Sun is gone and then you think to yourself; “Oh man, something must be wrong.” Too many trees and you fall to your knees begging G-O-D please for some L-I-G-H-Ts Eventually you agree that where you’re at is where you don’t wanna be. About face, you turn and flee But now the path is not lit and it’s uphill all the way. It’s fit to be rough but in this place you cannot stay. And as you climb back the track of the wack, you’re fit to collapse. You wanna relax. But if you give up on that arduous climb, you slide down that ride to suicide or homicide. Lack of pride or genocide. Now take a look around you boy, there ain’t no more people by your side. Chorus: On this road of life you live once not twice. There’s no chance to roll the dice. On this road of life you live once not twice. There’s no chance to roll the dice. You gotta struggle and strive to survive or otherwise your life is just a waste of time. Where your homies at? Are they dead by the gat? Wore the wrong colour hat? Then tried to live too phat? Then 5-0 put an end to that. Now maybe keep the baby mamma strung out on smack. Lips are dried and chapped from smoking up all that crack. Now open your eyes man. How the hell you gonna live like that? Pointing fingers for an alibi. It’s always someone else’s fault you made your Mother cry. So now you try to escape from what’s been created. Up the hill down which you paraded. Back to the fork. To where you began. Now you can make it to the top if you truly think you can. But your mind must expand and your vision must be grand and on your hands and knees climb to the promised land. Cliff hanging on the Path of Existence. Be persistent ‘cause gravity’s gonna test your resistance. And if your grip slip you’re back down in an instant. It’s hard living straight when your life’s been twisted but you’re a child of God so you know you are gifted. Now get lifted.