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I Can't Love Her (Pro. by @Evelutionbeats)
Just having fun in the booth.
Album - $5.00
HipHop - Hip Hop General
Previous peak charts position #203
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #112
Andrew Crawford/ Evelutionbeats
November 29, 2012
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Story behind the song
The rolling stone re-imagined
Verse1 I remember the day i first saw her. Made me wanna fire my old, and higher her as my new author. take the pen, write the end, you've seen the fair tales. she's got my mind spinning a hundred times a farieswheel. but the rules of the game have made it clear. I can't love you baby an thats real. I know i think its f*** ed up we met this way. But the fact that I'm only here for one night, ill bet today. I guess its safe to say, its down from here. My life is like an out of control flying carpet, and i can't steer! And i don't think you want that, mama. Even if it came with shopping sprees and trips to where its warmer. But i aint even got it yet. So how do you expect we gone cash this check Baby, no disrespect. But I'm sorry.my n*** z waiting on me and the thought of leaving you here doesn't bother me. Hook i know she wants me to be her man. but i don't know why she don't under stand. That i can't love her We can't talk about working it out. Cause in a couple hours ill be out. thats why, I can't love her. Verse 2 Damn its day two. Still thinking of reasons to tell you, why i can't date you. Number one, you work here. My momma and my doctor told me, half naked woman beware. Damn, but its hard not to stare. Especially when hers eyes saying, Aye n*** come here. Knowing in no time i can have her legs up in the rear. Then another whispers in my ear, telling me her man is over there. I hit her ass with that look. b*** I DONT CARE. n*** step up in here, he better be a player. Cause over here, in the rear, its i don't f*** city and I'm the mayor. Im only here, to have a good time. you know unwhine, i only happen to spit ryhmes. Oh you just heard, i only got stopped six times. Do you think im stupid. I must have freshman one my breath. Do i smell like the new kid. Hook Verse 3 She want me to be her man, but i cant. She wants a superman, but mighty i ain't. I tell Calvin its time for another drank. put some change in the bank and celebrate our winning streak. I got a smile from cheek to cheek, blushing. She told me she want me to be her husband. but i got a girl and she my world, every night we f*** ing. my bad baby. in the bed we fight so you can call that bucking. So im straight, but let me introduce you to my n*** z though. They the ones you like. They smacking h*** with figures yo. Oh you don't like that, how was i suppose to know. if you drink milk and work out, of course your mucsles will grow. you naked in the club, of course im gone think you a hoe. And thats the main reason the sh** just wont happen, for any reason. I cant be seen with you in any season. My minds made up, But I'm the one walking out cheesing.
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