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Chaos or Community?
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George Potor plays acoustic guitar and sings the lead vocal, Fred Strickland plays 5 string electric bass and sings backup vocal, Joe DeCristopher plays electric guitar, percussion programming and sings backup vocal
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Acoustic - Acoustic General
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George Potor
November 11, 2012
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Story behind the song
Originally written for a Hiroshima Day Memorial event, George hoped to both memorialize a tragic event and urge peace activists to move forward with their visions for a better world.
Help me answer these questions 1 Fukushimas a-plenty, Toxins from above and from below Natural gas under pressure, Not the way we oughta go. And I hope to see: Expectant mothers, farmers’ markets on a Friday, Traffic in an alternating merge, Water filters, healthy girls and long, tall boys, Standing judges, sitting armies, singing birds. CHORUS: Chaos or community? Which of the two is it gonna be? Living in fear or planting a tree? I wanna answer these questions Help me answer these questions I’ve avoided these questions Before. 2 Unidentified illness, Temperatures that no one can explain. Radiation running higher, Power’s out again today. And I hope to hear: Saws and hammers raising up a roof, Storytellers spinning out a yarn, Family farmers baling up the hay, Music blasting from the rafters in the barn. CHORUS 3 Another lab’ratory sample, Testing out our food supply, Tiny trace o’ dioxin, Sick of always staying inside. I hope to know: Aging authors, architects, visionary miners, Laughing children skipping stones along the shore, Younger skeptics, wealthy artists, vegan poets, cattlemen, Living in a world without war. CHORUS