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Yellow Bellied Sapsuckers [Holee Ish Diss]
Track 12 - Death of T.r.E.E. Battle track dissing a fake group from Winter Springs called Hole Ish.
HipHop - Battles/Disses
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lyrics: TrEE
May 05, 2004
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Story behind the song
This Holee Ish thing has gone on way too long. First they made a video a few years ago dissing me. I made a track on them. They never said shit. Then recently one of the members was talking shit and said "Make a diss track on us, so everybody can hear you get murdered." I think we all know they talk more shit than they can back up. This is my last attempt at PROVING how fake these bitches are.
can you defeat me? survey says, "Hell No" wasting my time battling the bastard son of Jay Leno and to the korean don't even try to talk shit just keep your mouth damn near shut like your eye lids your the reason opinions should be outlawed cuz everything you say is like hearing a child talk it feels like i'm battling toddlers playing with toys infants, I'm battling a bunch of little boys who arn't even old enough to drink let alone think sometimes you need to look before you mutha fuckas leap i feel sorry for y'all, you can use all the help you can get so go and buy Holee Ish's album on July 27th plus stop trying to float down the mainstream your boats got holes in it lost souls in it i know a bitch who runs off at the mouth he thinks he's sayin' shit but nothings really coming out your head's as hollow as your words so put your mouth to some good use American History X U, bitch, bite the curb maybe you'll be an ill emcee someday but you better start praying for a miracle every sunday making songs about running trains I think you meant you stand there and jack off while your friends get laid? your telling me the women enjoyed being with a guy looking like a mongoloid dan akroyd i could give a shit about the rest of your crew cuz the only one I have a problem with you you think I'd waste a beat on you? just to beat on you? naw..this is just a special treat for you take your rhymes out of storage i got a call and it said "please give your ears back to martin lawrence" your rhymes are so boring they put me to sleep you claiming your tight, man, this must be a dream anyone that knows Chris now or back then we know chris kuhl would suck dick for a black friend battling y'all ain't causin' me any stress. so make yourselves a dress on Cafe Press and do your shows at will's pub in font of your boyfriends and get your dill's rubbed and still y'all, talk all this murder murder, kill killl you ever hearda hearda, skill skill? I don't give a shit about holee cuz truth is..I don't know him, and he doesn't know me I made that first diss over 3 years ago "please drop a diss track on us, so everyone can hear you get murdered." END QUOTE that was said by you recently, so I want nothing less than get murdered by you decently you'll probably gonna sit there and not say shit we both know that wouldn't be the first time that it happened