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The Legend Of Pistol-Wolf
A story-song based on a Native American Legend, with similarities to a certain European Night Beast.
Rock - Psychedelic Rock
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Lawrence Wise
October 25, 2012
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Story behind the song
'Legend Of Pistol-Wolf' is a psychedelic story-song about the "SKINWALKER", a beast in Native American lore. A supposedly mythical shape-shifter, normally resembling a wolf, bear or coyote. The star of this Lawrence Wise And The Cosmic Funk Orchestra entry is a former hippie Navajo biker named after his father, Black Gunn ("Pistol"), and the "beast" that used to terrorize his Tribe on their Nevada Reservation when his father was younger (the....."Wolf"[?!?]). In 1962, a young Pistol-Wolf (now, a Motorcycle-Riding, Rifle-Toting Outlaw/Guardian of his Tribe) finally meets his.......mother--an "Outsider" who was believed to have been killed by the "beast" after Pistol-Wolf was born. And, on this same night, the "beast" makes a return---after an entire generation.