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Toby, Pass The Duct Tape
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Internet release single from Den Hollinden's SOMEBODY OVER THERE album in honor of our troops.
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2003, Den Hollinden (ASCAP.) All rights reserved.
May 04, 2004
MP3 2.9 MB, 128 kbps, 3:08
Story behind the song
Well, there was this all-girl Bluegrass band, see, whose name I can't mention, and they went over to England where one of them opened her mouth when she probably shouldn't have and said somethin' real bad about our President. By the way, if you like this song, you'll LOVE my song "Friendly Fire"!
Big jobs never worry Guys like me; The work is rough, But my tools are tough As they can be. But I'm just a man-- Only got two hands; This is more than I can do myself. Every now and then (I hope you understand) I can use a little help. (Chorus) Toby, pass the duct tape; We got a situation here-- One that won't be remedied By whiskey or beer. Somebody done said somethin' That we all regret. She's openin' her mouth again; I fear, we ain't heard nothin' yet! So, break me off a piece of that-- Make it super size; Holdin's hard, I'm gettin' tired, She done bit me twice. Toby, pass the duct tape; We got a sticky situation here! God bless workin' America-- You know who you are. Especially y'all overseas Fightin' this war. We salute you and we thank you. We pray for you each day. We got a lot in common-- Even some of our tools are the same; so, (Chorus) Break me off a piece of that-- Just stick it right here. She's got the freedom of speech; So, pass a piece that'll reach To cover up both my ears.
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