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My Luck_w_Silversmith_10-20-12 challenge.mp3
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October 20, 2012
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3:25 minutes
Story behind the song
cabinetpin.com 10-20-12 challenge
My Luck c. 'Vlayman I'm layin' low I don't want no attention I got no other place to go Now that you mention it CH: My luck hadda break This just can't be my fate My luck hadda break I don' know how much more of this I can take I'm startin' to feel This is gettin' real sad I'm gettin' a real feel For how it is when everything's bad CH 2x I'm thinkin' I oughta end it fast I'm drinkin' like I gotta drink it all Now I caught a taste of what'll be my last I'm' thinkin' how I gotta end it all Drums Silversmith Bass: P-Brick-160A RthmGtrs: SG-RickM8E-BlueBall-UA710 LdVoc: AT4040-ISA1-1176 BV's: RE10-ISA1-1176 Rm-StrtMrshl-PLf-Isa1-1176 StrtMrsh-ShinyBoxMod-UA710 TamboAKGd310-VCQ3