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2 Indecision - www.jensong.com.au.mp3
2nd of 4 songs about a journey across the mind of an urban refugee. From feeling a MISFIT, through INDECISION whether to leave or stay, the journey across the mind TO HAPPY, and finally finding a place to CALL HOME. A song for others to perform.
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Jeni Wallwork
Jeni Wallwork
October 19, 2012
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3:40 minutes
INDECISION In two bodies two minds In two places two kinds of hell Here or there, leave or stay Torture either way Trapped in a drowning boat Losing hope, clawing afloat Do I unravel, come undone From threads I know, die or run? Indecision Heartbeat collision Stop go, wrong right Bail out or fight Can I do this? Soldiers crawling on my skin Guns and bombs spinning my brain Am I dreaming To want freedom? A misfit in two minds Such a bind Wanna be in just one mind Just one mind Chorus