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3 To Happy - www.jensong.com.au.mp3
3rd of 4 songs about a journey across the mind of an urban refugee. From feeling a MISFIT, through INDECISION whether to leave or stay, the journey across the mind TO HAPPY, and finally finding a place to CALL HOME. A song for others to perform.
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Jeni Wallwork
Jeni Wallwork
October 19, 2012
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3:21 minutes
TO HAPPY On angry seas I cast away No looking back beyond today A self inflicted escapee Numb and nameless I see Nothing But a refugee Can’t sail the sea to stop the tide Can’t kill the bandits they’re inside The crippling war is in my mind I need to learn how to find Peace For the refugee Day by day I change my mind To patience and kindness For myself on this journey From the dark of me To happy I’m on a voyage all the same Across tsunamis in my brain Lost possessions, expectations Naked anticipation of Free-dom For the refugee To happy For the refugee