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I originally wrote this song several years ago then completely forgot about it. After hearing an old recording of it, I decided it was worth rewriting. PRO RECORDING
Single - $0.75
Album - $17.00
Pop - Euro Pop
Previous peak charts position #110
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #10
Evyn Charles
Evyn Charles
April 07, 2018
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MP3 4.0 MB  •  160 kbps bitrate  •  3:31 minutes
Story behind the song
Just a fun party song about letting loose after working hard all day
Come closer my friends, I’ll tell you a story you’re going to like I know you work all day so I’m not going to waste your night If you feel like a lion in a cage Tonight, let out all your rage I’ll share a secret if you promise me you’ll learn it well Money can buy you, that’s true but you don’t have to sell If you feel like you can’t take anymore Show the world what you got in store Beat the system, hit the system Beat the system, drum it up! Beat the system, hit the system Beat the system, got to bang it up! Doo, doo, doo… Come closer my friends, join a party that’ll never end (Woah__) We’re going to paint the future brighter than it’s ever been (Woah__) I know you’re wound up tighter than a drum But hit it right and get into the rhythm Beat the system, etc…