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forest scenes - long version
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KE Peace
KE Peace 2012 All Rights Reserved
October 14, 2012
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Story behind the song
“Out of the dying embers arises the stunning and terrible Phoenix and Rules the Air; Out of Death arises Life; Out of Denouement will come a New Story; Out of Final Cadences, New Music will arise.” The underlying idea of this piece -- which supports and informs the music – is that wonder and fear, sweet and bitter, well-being and suffering, light and dark, beginning and endings, life and death -- are two sides of a singular phenomenon: the one contains the seed of its opposite – an opposite which waxes as the other wanes, as the Yin-Yang symbolizes. ? We understand sweetness after tasting the bitter. Light is never more beautiful than after a long dark night. And freedom soars in one who has been long bound. Finally, life, despite its vicissitudes and uncertainties, it nevertheless has a savage beauty all its own. It is my hope that the listener might find some glimmer of that beauty in this piece. Because experiences (in life) often come one after another without exposition or warning, this piece, structurally, is a stream-of-consciousness flow of different motives without much exposition and leaving aside any apologetics. Stream-of-consciousness is also how the piece developed. The structure with the elements, and breaking into parts, was added after the fact – in much the way we attempt to structure our world in such way that it makes sense. That urge, to my mind, is both the slavery and the genius of humans.
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