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ghost demo
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Alternative - Grunge
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juan c rial
2012 juan c rial
September 30, 2012
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Story behind the song
i feel the shiver every night, like swimming in cold cold river i just stare her ghost sunsets, no light my host for the mistake i made i can't rest without my maid for the soul i lost she tore my guts, old missed ghost It's pain It's sorrow black reign In the dark, (i see her) terrifying eyes didnt follow the rules she warned me but I acted a fool If i caused her pain now she whips me nighttime while I am in chains I do not want to be free dejected, broken, shot, amputee for the love i lost I pay my sentence when she appears as a ghost I would like to remind you otherwise in a way which could dream hug and sleep peacefully together where I could feel you near I wish there was another way that every night you came to my bed and you had the will to merge to never wake up again
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