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Deby Kelley- Don't Let The Door Hit Ya,
Country - Country General
Charts #641 in subgenre today (peak #20)
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Jody Dickey/JamesOdle Jr/Jason Judd
September 27, 2012
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160 kbps bitrate
4:22 minutes
Don't Let That Door Hit Ya ©2006 Jody Dickey / James Odle, Jr/ Jason Judd I'm cashing in my heartache I've taken all I'm going to take cause Babe, I need a real man one not afraid to play his hand glad you think loosing isn't hard tonight forgiveness isn't in the cards Don't let that door hit ya where your cheatin' heart lies I've shed all the tears I'm gonna cry This Queen's put a pair of new boots on To kick out the King who's done her wrong So pack your bags, get out, good-bye And don't let that door hit ya where your cheatin' heart lies I'm tired of your selfish games If you had morals you'd be ashamed Don't cash your chips, it's too late you've drawn to your last inside straight I'm giving you your diamond back with your deals from the bottom of the stack (repeat chorus) This Queen will get along fine No more feeling nickeled and dimed If you think I'll take you back There's better odds down at the track So fold your hand don't even try I'm saying "see ya, adios, good-bye" (repeat chorus) x
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