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I Could Live In An Airplane (dub'n'dance take)
Single - $0.99
Album - $3.00
Sway'n'dub the airplane seat and hasn't that stewardess a devil smile ? Original version on the "Mokomoko Collection" album (it's Oh! MUSIC Japan)
World - Reggae
Previous peak charts position #154
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #18
September 18, 2012
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I could live in an airplane Meet the clouds for my breakfast You shall be my stewardess Kiss me when I call you up Loosen seat belts when you come Stretch my arms to caress you Grab your hands and even more We’re in Paradise Airlines Who knows, who cares Those little dolls on the ground Bye, bye, Europe… bye bye Europe! I’ll drink some red wine in my sleep My love is waiting in the lounge Seventh heaven or cloud 9 There’s a movie all about us Auto-pilot, let’s get busy Air is a fluid, let’s exchange ours Let’s shake, let’s mix Our home-made cocktails are waiting Hello, Asia… hello Asia! Takoyaki for my breakfast My love is you so here I come I could live in an airplane Rest my head on your shoulder Let me go a bit lower And I don’t mention altitude Take-off, landing Omiyage in duty-free Fukuoka! Fukuoka ! My fingerprints are everywhere Yokoyama and here I come