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Listen to the key changes (12 times) throughout the piece. Hope you enjoy this!
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Acoustic - Acoustic Piano
Previous peak charts position #71
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #12
Liow Chee Hsiang
September 15, 2012
MP3 5.3 MB
160 kbps bitrate
4:40 minutes
Story behind the song
Before my wife and I got married, I realised that I loved Crystal 99% of who she was. There was a 1% which I thought...well, perhaps I could change her after we got married. Years passed and that "1%" remained, to my dismay and frustration! It was later that I found out the person who really needed to change, was me. Crystal had made me grow like I never had never before. The song "Changes" was written in 2009 (for our 10th wedding anniversary). The final touch was only completed in end of 2010 and was performed in a concert in December 2010. After the concert, quite a few people were asking where they can download it. Well, here it is! As the title also implied, the key of this song changes 12 times throughout (modulating between Eb major, Bb major and F# major). With so many key changes, the challenge is to make the changes smooth and undistracting, albeit adding change and colour to the music throughout the piece. It's certainly one of my personal favourites. I hope you enjoy it!
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