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HELLO, I'm Not Home.mp3
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Anthony Lynn Powers
September 16, 2012
MP3 3.8 MB, 151 kbps, 3:31
“Hello, I’m Not Home” © 2012 Anthony Lynn Powers Verse 1 Working just gets me down and by bills keep me broke this nine to five lifestyle is some kind of joke I need a permanent vacation someplace I’d rather be Where life is a whole lot slower like down by the sea Now I am stuck in traffic and my boss is calling my phone I’m gonna change my message on my phone when I get home Chorus 1 hello, I’m not home so just leave me alone I’m gonna be out of reach I’ve gone to the beach hello, what’d you say I can’t make it today it’s just not in my plans I’m walking barefoot in the sand Verse 2 heading out to find the sunset somewhere along the coast where the highway runs out beyond that last mile post I’ll have a few cold drinks maybe something with coconut rum the only thing on my agenda is get another one when I’m done There’ll be hell to pay tomorrow but I got no place to be I’m gonna update my message in case they look for me Chorus 2 Hello I’m not home I told you to leave me alone you know I’m out of reach I’m drinking rum at the beach Hello, your heard me say that I can’t make it today you're just not in my plans I’m passed out on the sand Bridge no need to punch a time clock I’m running on island time I’m gonna throw out my anchor and change my message one more time Last Chorus Hello, I’m not home I don’t have my phone no need to look for me I’m living down by the sea Hello, what can I say this is my life today you should try and makes some plans to leave footsteps in the sand Hello, I’m not coming home you wanna buy a phone?
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