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The Thing About Dreams
Dreams seem to be more alive than we are. I pray yours might be fulfilled - thanks Deva:)
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Country - Americana
Previous peak charts position #57
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Chapman James
2011 Polhemusic
August 26, 2012
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3:47 minutes
Story behind the song
I once heard an old songwriter prelude his performance by saying: "My dreams have been bullying me lately, so I had to come out tonight and do something about it."
The Thing About Dreams words & music by Chapman James Say what you will Dreams never stay still They must find wiggle room for dancing They'll glide you around Like a drunken old clown The thing about dreams They never stay still You must agree Dreams are not free They bind your hopes to your desires And the worth of your soul Is in their control The thing about dreams They're not free I never wish on a star I don't ask for gold, I don't want for fame All I hope for is some kind of sane Dreams always know who you are They taunt you for fun They dare you to run They swallow you whole Be as it may Don't get in Dreams' way They'll break you like a wild-eyed stallion If you think you might win You're broken again The thing about dreams Don't get in their way [Last] Dreams love to pray on us all It's part of their plan It's some sort of scheme It's the dream of a dream Funny it seems The thing about dreams They lived long before we got here Life's slow, aimless death Begins with their breath You know what that means We're the dream of a dream Funny it seems... That's the thing about dreams copyright 2011 Polhemusic
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