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A Walk On The Beach.mp3
When things get rough a walk on the beach always helps
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Anthony Lynn Powers
August 25, 2012
MP3 4.0 MB, 151 kbps, 3:42
Story behind the song
I grew up on a beach so this is how I delt with most of lifes problems
“A Walk On The Beach” © 2012 Anthony Lynn Powers Verse 1 There's something about a beach with the waves crashing to the sand That puts my life in perspective and helps me understand it's the sound of the seabirds the distant ringing of a bell that lets me cast my worries away and lets me know I’m doing well Chorus I thank God for the ocean and the cool summer breeze I was baptised by her waters it’s the only place I want to be so when life comes crashing down and my dreams seem out of reach All I need are my thoughts and a walk on the beach Verse 2 it's the sky at sunset as the sun slowly slips away making way for the stars above that will help you find your way It's the beam of a lighthouse that lets you know you're not alone no matter how lost you seem she’s there to guide you home Repeat Chorus Bridge In life we have to face storms and the waters can get rough when I’m taking on water and I feel that I’ve had enough Repeat Chorus End line All I need is my guitar and a walk on the beach Fade
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