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I saw a tall ship sitting in a field 57 miles from the ocean. There was a wood cross in the ground beside it. I could not find out why it was there, I said it was just sailing into the past. When I got home I made up the story.
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Anthony Lynn Powers
August 16, 2012
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Into The Past © 2011 Anthony Lynn Powers They said that steam was faster A better way to go It meant the end of the sailing ships And all she’d ever know The kids now play on her There the pirates that sail the keys On a relic of days gone by In a field far from the sea Her hull was grey and broken Her decks are badly worn The main mast lays beside her And her sails are fraid and torn Once she was proud Here white sails filled with wind She’d set a course for the islands Then she’d head on home again Now she sails on an ocean Made up of weeds and grass She’s on her final voyage As she sails into the past He was her only captain With her he rode the tide For thirty six years he sailed her Till steam pushed them both aside Then one day he bought her He had her moved to his land Just to keep her from the scrappers It cost him everything he had They say he’s never spoken Until the day he died Was laid to rest beside her With her he waits for the high tide Once he was young His life was the open sea With a strong crew beside him No place he’d rather be Now his ghost is on her deck And he holds up his glass Toasts the days of the sailing ships As he sails into the past Now you can see her in that field And still the story’s told Of a tall ship and her captain From so many years ago
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