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Just a thought on how the world could be a better place.
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Anthony Lynn Powers
August 15, 2012
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Story behind the song
I went to Haiti to help with the re-building, I went to help people I did not even know. I only knew of the pain that they have felt. We need to help the people here at home as well.
In Our Hearts (c)2012 Anthony Lynn Powers Intro verse I've heard some folks say there's nothing I can do as they turn and walk away Things here will never change the world will stay the same if that's all we ever do Chorus In our hearts we'lll find an answer to fix everything that's wrong one voice can start a movement that's why I wrote this song so jump in on the chorus then take it to the streets give a little of yourself to everyone you meet Verse When I was young my grand dad said people just need to get along the time we have goes by too fast so do some good before your gone Make a difference in peoples lives we'll be judged by things we did It's up to us to make the world a better place for our kids Repeat Chorus Verse We can change the road were on things don't have to stay the same it all starts with forgiveness not looking for someone to blame Some say it's because were different but that the way it's suppose to be it's time we all stand together as for me I still believe Final Chorus In our hearts we'll find an answer to fix everything that's wrong one voice can start a movement that's why I sang this song so join me on the chorus then we'll sing it in the streets and give a little of ourselves to everyone we meet End Verse In our hearts we'll find the answers to fix everything that's wrong end
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