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That's Not Something I Would Do.mp3
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If you have ever been asked, "how does this look on me" then you will understand. If you do relate to this then, I feel your pain.
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Anthony Lynn Powers
August 15, 2012
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Story behind the song
My ex drove me nuts with the same questions in the lyrics. She was never ready on time. I wrote this as therapy for me. Ladies I understand that men can be just as bad, but as having never dated a man I will have to leave it at that.
Thats Not Something I Would Do (C)2011 Anthony Lynn Powers Verse 1 She stood there in the doorway with that look in her eye then she asked that question and she told me not to lie I knew what she was doing so I crawled off of the bed put my had on her shoulder and this is what I said Chorus I love that dress your wearing your hair looks just fine sure baby we've got all night go ahead and take your time I love that color on your nails man I love those shoes No honey I'm not lying That's not something I would do Verse2 We go through this all the time it doesn't matter where we go it must be she's worried she'll see someone she knows it's not just one question and you will come to find if you answer them all at once you'll save a lot of time Repeat Chorus Verse 3 They'll never wear what you want you say blue she'll wear red how's this belt look with this? my God this hurts my head You can bet you will never win it's just a game that we play no matter what we say is wrong so just give up and say Repeat Chorus I would never lie to you end
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