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Late Night One Man Band.mp3
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For all the songwriters that stay up way to late trying to get it on paper.
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Anthony Lynn Powers
August 11, 2012
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Story behind the song
My wife never understands why I spend so much time writing and in the studio. I wrote this song to try and explain it to her.
This is for my fellow songwriters and late night one man bands. It is also for those people who love us. Late Night One Man Band (C)2011 Anthony Lynn Powers Verse 1 Here I am alone again just me and my old guitar with a blank sheet of paper I'm just shooting for the stars I'm just one of many holding that pen in my hand trying to put words to music just a late night one man band Chorus I'm just a late night one man band just looking for the words trying to catch lightning in a bottle so I can get my music heard until then she'll be the only fan of this late night one man band Verse 2 The words are in my head the music fills my soul I only hope they come together before I get too damn old I may be chasing rainbows so I hope you understand the passion inside that drives this late night one man band Repeat Chorus Bridge music is forever a song lives on and on it will tell my story long after I am gone Repeat Chorus until then my wife's the only fan of this late night one man band end