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Between A Bible and a Gun
A place where many of us live our lives on a daily basis.
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Anthony Lynn Powers
August 10, 2012
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Between A Bible and A Gun © 2012 Anthony Lynn Powers Verse 1 Momma taught me the golden rule while dad made me a man she’s say turn the other cheek he'd say that’s fine when you can mom was raised reading the bible daddy was a war veteran’s son She’s say nothing worth fighting for He’d say that won’t get it done I guess I was raised somewhere Between a bible and a gun Chorus I won’t give up my bible And you won’t take my gun I don’t go looking for a fight But I won’t turn and run At times it takes them both Just to get things done That’s why I live my life somewhere Between a bible and a gun Verse 2 This countrys had its share of fighting To get us where we are today And I say a prayer every night For those we’ve lost along the way I don’t miss church on Sunday And until the day I am gone I’ll fly old glory above my house And I will teach my son How to walk a line somewhere Between a bible and gun Repeat Chorus Bridge If you turn your cheek enough times it will spin you back around you need to fight for what is right or you’ll end up On the ground, that’s why Repeat Chorus end verse I was raised somewhere between a bible and a gun end
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