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Re-Born Country
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Sometimes you don't start out listening to Country Music, but if you live in the right place, you will
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Anthony Lynn Powers
2011 Anthony Lynn Powers
August 10, 2012
MP3 3.5 MB, 155 kbps, 3:06
Story behind the song
It's about a transition from rock to country. Grew up in LA and did not start listening to country until I moved to Oregon
Re-Born Country (C)Anthony Powers 2011 V1 I grew up a city boy raised on rock and roll but there was something missing deep down in my soul at twenty nine I hit the highway to make it on my own and I found what I was looking for somewhere down that road CHORUS WITH WAYLON I was re born country heading down a gravel road my life was on the radio Country music healed my soul from the songs about the heartland to the stories (Waylon, Johnny, Willie) told just like being born again Country music take me home V2 I looked at my life from a new point of view it wasn't where I came from it's in the things I do I need to get out of the fast lane and try and make some time to let in a little more country and see what I find REPEAT CHORUS WITH JOHNNY BRIDGE I've always loved this country praised those who protect our rights The men and women who serve today so we can sleep tonight REPEAT CHORUS WITH WILLIE
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