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My Coffee has Gone Cold
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Rock - Garage Rock
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August 09, 2012
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it's two o clock the coffees gone cold! and all the words have gone. but still i will sit untill the dawn trying to write the words that will right all the wrongs. yes i know i cant fix the world with a song. to house the homeless and feed the starving and to help me with my burden. i write the words as my coffee grows cold. how can i understand when my worry is my coffee went cold. the crazies the shootings they cant use the words as a shield. they cant eat the letters and so it go's. but one thing i know for sure is my coffee has gone cold. i wonder if words can ever fix anything! yet the words are all i have. music can make you happy but without the words it's harder to understand. what can i do when words are all i have. the news of the day is always so sad the wars the dead the sick and hungry children. the hate the racism the politicians all of these! it's happening now. they speak words about the problem but not a solution from any of them. the pictures show the children crying and puppies dieing the robot planes dropping bombs. but how can i help when my coffee has gone cold. and the words have gone. who let all these birds loose in here!. what are these damn birds doing in here! get em away from me? aahhh awe aahhh their after me! get em off, help. god oh god here they come again aahh? yeah man the things on fire there are puppies die ing man. wars shootings murders of crows the sh** is flying and the words i got dont help. have yaw got a gun. somebody do something. talking aint saving any of our soldiers! and there are puppies die ing all over the place. people living in boxes beside the tracks. healthy ones just flat on there backs. english guy's without macks.and all of the plumbers cant fill up the cracks. all there is are the words words flying all over just like those damn birds. action is whats needed. neighbors fighting neighbors that aint the way! come on guy's get it right. nobody has to die all you got to do is try.