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Arrogant Produced by @Tmicbeats
First single from my new project coming soon. -Arrogant-
Single - $1.00
Album - $5.00
HipHop - Hip Hop General
Previous peak charts position #71
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #51
Andrew Crawford/ T-Mic beats
August 09, 2012
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Story behind the song
Just laying in the studio one night and came across this cold ass beat by @Tmicbeats.
Hook Im not arrogant./ Im just better than/ you. Better than, better than you/ Verse 1. I don't know if you n*** z noticed, but I'm becoming a big deal./ F*** what you haters say, you are not blocking my windshield./ Talk down on me and dog my production, my sh** gone knock still./ so why your on this journey with me let me tell you i don't feel./ Im not feeling this game and I'm not feeling these rappers./ I wonder why they still compete with me, it aint like the sh** even matters./ Im going hard and these n*** z taking bout they pockets getting fatter./ see that aint what hip hops really about./ They done shook my cage a damn demon feel out./ last year is was on my grind but a lil n*** really going hellava now./ An insane lil n*** with a hell of a style./ them girls back then that doubted me, they bang my sh** up 8 mile./ n*** z that claim they be shining./ lack of so many diamonds./ this year its me, i promise./ Hook Verse 2 Damn i looked up and oh another years past./ id be damn if a n*** like me spend anymore time in class./ if i was you id make a left and start running fast./ on that ass./ like jason, no need for the hockey mask./ See you later, no time for haters./ did it myself didn't ask for favors./ say you dropping bars, but your coverage is weak./ You say you nasty, but your team is sweet./ Everyday going hard, you aint f*** ed hiphop in a week./ The sound of my voice make her cum in her sleep./ all night same track, yup yup. I'm on repeat./ you even think you compete?/ i swear, to me thats a diss be./ Use your mixtape as a frisbe./ you can't reach me, cause I'm busy./ hook Verse 3 they say its easy lil n*** come and get this money./ now I'm trying to figure out why it didn't happen for me./ Im spitting over here, i want to take my life to glory./ I been listening around and a lot of rapper bore me./ No disrespect./ but who really gives a f*** about if you get upset./ never ever gave a f*** about whats hanging around your neck./ Just recently got a car of my own. aint turning around for that./ Id give my left nut, if it meant i would never ever pay for gas./ real sh** , this sh** aint complicated./ different then you thats why you hating./ Is that the reason you over there sitting and waiting./ What label you with, who through the bait in./ Im the best over here aint no debating./ Standing in the hood, let me weight in./ ace out side you better stay in./
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