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Cinnamon (You've Got Your Momma's Eyes)
Country - Country-Rock
Previous peak charts position #167
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #25
Jeremy Latimer
August 09, 2012
MP3 2.3 MB
128 kbps bitrate
2:29 minutes
Story behind the song
Written for my daughter...
Cinnamon (You’ve Got Your Mama’s Eyes.) I don’t like alcohol - I don’t like cigarettes, I don’t like thinking ‘bout the woman I can’t get. I’ve been running round, trying to keep my head on straight, My friends are crying foul ‘cause I keep them out too late. But, you come to me like a ghost in the night, Cinnamon - You’ve got your mama’s eyes. I don’t like talking loud - I don’t like to make a scene, I don’t like owing anybody anything. I’m turning in my bed trying to keep my emotions clear, But, still I go to pieces whenever I have you near. I’ve got to yell aloud and you know I cannot lie, Cinnamon - You’ve got your mama’s eyes. My defence is down - you know I cannot fight, Cinnamon - You’ve got your mama’s eyes. Words and Music by Jeremy Latimer Copyright Uke Juice for the world All rights reserved International Copyright secured