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A jam where we added vocal, organ & brass
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Blues - Blues General
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Alessandro Romanello - Mike Lyzenga
2012 bluesbox independent label
August 04, 2012
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320 kbps bitrate
4:26 minutes
Story behind the song
A guy invested all his money to buy a flat in a condo, about to be built. The building never was finished and he lived his life in an abandoned condo. Later on, when the building was condemned by the Major, he kept living there as he had no other place ..... who ever said real estate is the best business ?
CONDEMNED I’m livin’ a life of sorrow A life of aching pain Nuthin’ ever changes Nuthin’ ever goes my way It’s a bad dream over and over… A nightmare I’m goin’ through They got a name for what I’ve got I’m condemned to a life of blues 1:20 lead 2:46 I know trouble… it’s my middle name Trouble, trouble, trouble… is a poor man’s game I never had a nickel To buy a new pair of shoes They got a name for what I’ve got I’m condemned to a life of blues ---------------------------------- Magic Mike (Michael Lyzenga): vocal Smoking Guitar (Alessandro Romanello): guitars Tbone Mustang (Andrea Cremona): drums, bass, organ&brass (MIDI)