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Sonny Lee- The Man He Should Of Been
dealing with domestic abuse
Country - Traditional Country
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Jody Dickey/Sonny Lee
Jody Dickey/Sonny Lee
July 22, 2012
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The Man He Should Of Been Jody Dickey/Sonny Lee Momma, it's been awhile Since we've talked things through Those memories they still haunt me Of how he treated you I was thinking of the bad times & when I use to pray That daddy would stop hurting you & Just go away (Chours) Momma I'll never be like him That's a promis I will keep I thank you for who I am & that your warm heart's here in me I'm gonna be the man The man he should have been Cause Momma I promiss I'll never be like him (Verse) I brought you some dandelions & forget me nots today I remember how much you loved them & how you use to say That you would grow them up in Heaven & be near them for all time I guess you knew what he would do Once he crossed that line (Chours) (Bridge) Momma I miss you & I just want you to know You'll always be here in my heart & I'll never let you go Everytime I see a flower Everytime I feel a breeze Momma I can feel you here with me (Chorus
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