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Lyrical Madness Produced by @tmicbeats
Intro to my upcoming project -Arrogant- Track 1
Single - $1.00
Album - $5.00
HipHop - Hip Hop General
Previous peak charts position #235
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #118
Andrew Crawford/ T-Mic beats
July 20, 2012
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Story behind the song
Just intro during myself i believe for the first time in a long time. Hello!!! Haha
Verse 1 Y'all n*** z think y'all like me/ Fresh to death he might be/ With a fresh ass pair of nikes/ You beating me is unlikely/ Y'all muthaf*** as on strike 3/ The Only natural feeling is to hate, precisely/ Beast mode n*** , I got detroit on my back/ We sold n*** , but that didn't work for us. Bye/ Repo n*** , oh yeah she owes me some time/ This hip-hop game/ won't be the same/ once i give her my last name/ Im a beast and y'all know this/ don't act like i aint notice/ Im gone walk up to her man and tell dat n*** , fold this/ Hold up, no don't lose focus/ I need you to pay attention/ Hey! you have finally found what the game is missing/ deadly with the flow, y'all just swimming/ Having fun and sh** / I am the definition of hip-hop, i run this sh** / Lets act like rap was a track meet/ if one of these rappers attempts to lap me/ I'mma get nasty/ Verse 2 Im back at it/ as soon as i entered the house, i hear the static/ Where did you get your talent/ and how long have you had it/ b*** i was raise in Detroit. I was born with magic/ Hip-hop crown, i was born to have it/ Until i get it, I'm gone raise hell, and reck havoc/ I wish you would. Viagra, go ahead you can have it/ And if you watching me, i guess you ready for static/ Hip-hop has changed so much. I can't stand you n*** z/ Its has got to the point where i can't understand you n*** z./ Im gone show the whole world what i can do n*** z/ I shoot you out the sky, land you n*** z/ don't act brand new n*** z/ don't wanna hear the nonsense/ I getting tired of you and your music makes me noxious/ Im a ticking time bomb, if i was you i would be cautions/ Or you could f*** around and see how raw it gets/ (rockets) bomb goes off Verse 3 Her ass smell like taco bell, that pussy is nachos/ Everyday I'm gone hit it. 7 mile post wholes/ So many hard ass beats, no problem finding those/ And every last one done laced with a mean flow/ I can paint a picture of a world you never seen before/ Im gone live my life while y'all hate/ Put a camera in front of my face and demonstrate/ Smoking that green poison, watch me elevate/ They ask am i really in the hood? i say I'm straight/ Now put a beat on and watch a n*** ventilate/ They won't open the gate/ so i think ill try a new approach/ Breath of fresh air, i see my b*** been using scope/ The heats on hell, someone give this n*** a bucket/ With heat comes love and i get so much of it/ My momma told long ago, don't show your ass off in public/ Sorry mom!!!
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