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Country - Country-Rock
Previous peak charts position #314
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #42
Jeremy & Chris Latimer
July 08, 2012
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3:04 minutes
MARGARITA You will never find a love as fine as Margarita… She’s my greenstone girl --- the rarest of pearls --- my Margarita… (Margarita) Don’t give up on me… (Margarita) How can I make her see? (Margarita) You make me smile… (Margarita) --- Let’s dance a-while… The way you move across the floor… Stops my heart --- and I need her even more… Margarita --- when you see her --- you’ll know what I’m talking about… To see her --- to be with her --- leaves me with little doubt… (Margarita) ------ (Margarita) (Margarita) ------ (Margarita) Words and Music by Jeremy & Chris Latimer Copyright Uke Juice for the world All rights reserved International Copyright secured