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A bluegrass apocalypse. Dangerous visions? True salvation? A cruel con game? It's not for me to understand.
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Country - Bluegrass
Previous peak charts position #84
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Steve Terrell. Jack Clift
Sidhe Gorm Music
April 27, 2004
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Story behind the song
Here's the dark underbelly of bluegrass gospel ... This song features The Grizzley Souvenirs with Jack and me on vocals and guitars, Tom Adler on banjo and Al Faaet on percussion. Tom and Al probably deserve songwriting credits. And I think Alec Walling might have been there the night we wrote it.
By Steve Terrell and Jack Clift I went down to the sacred grove Down near Snakey Holler I spoke in tongues, became undone And then I lost it all I really lost it all I wandered for 100 days 100 nights I shuddered I starved my body senseless there The sky was filled with blood The sky was raining blood But then I found salvation Where honeyed voices sing God is great and God is good And I have God’s gold ring So all you reckless drifter boys Hear my words and follow Be watchful for that burning sign Be ready for that call Be ready for that call And you will find salvation The simple truth I bring God is great and God is good And I have God’s gold ring Copyright 2001 Sidhe Gorm Music
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