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Another cosmic love song from Cosmos II
Pop - Pop Rock
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Alan Marscher
2012 by Alan Marscher
June 21, 2012
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1. All the brightest stars that glow in the sky cannot match the sparkle in your eye No point of light from up above comes close to the brilliance of your love 2. All the distances are way too far to contemplate travel to any star There's no need to leave the Earth, I have right here all that is worthwhile [Guitar interlude] 3. The universe is mostly empty space, but my heart is filled with joy when I see your face You touch my hand, it thrills me while my spirit lights up when you smile, 4. Your love illuminates the darkest night, your passion always shines like firelight I caress you and then sparks just fly, soon flames engulf me, so that I rise Bridge: I could cross all time and space, still there'd be no other place where I'd rather be Your love is what I value most, outshining the entire cosmos [Repeat verses 1 & 2]