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MORE THAN FRIENDS- C-Laydee ft MC Alfonso
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Written By Claydee Co- writers Anjela Macee, D.Oca
June 20, 2012
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Story behind the song
I was inspired to write this song from my cousin. Thank you for the inspiration. Story behind it.. well ... the lyrics explains it all =] dedicated to her and a special guy she help me wrote about.
"More Than Friends" verse 1: He wakes me up in the morning, keeps my face glowing, my feelings are consistently growing.. He the type a guy that I dont wana diss.. cuzz he the typa guy who puts me first on the list and.. every time I call he's right on my door step.. a down ass fella aint all about the sex.. a fella with respect and who got his mind set.. and if you down to kick it boo just holla and text.. (chorus) I dont wana rush things.. but I can tell you somethin I wana be more than friends.. You're the one im missin..and now u got me thinkin... I wana be more than friends.. Now u got me trippin .. got me all feelin.. I wana be more then friends.. So can I ask you somethin.. how u really feelin? Do u wana be more than friends? Verse 2: I don't wana come off too strong.. baby I just wana let you know I... I'm really feeling you.. yea.. I really hope u feel me too, baby cause I been thinkin about you.. Do you think about me too? Verse 3: I know you feelin me and i'm feelin you too.. but there's always time for love it don't have to be soon and.. you aint gotta worry about them other dudes.. at the end of the day I'll be home to you.. and anybody else that could hold me down im yo princess n you the prince and you hold the crown.. U got the key to my heart.. so keep it secured.. just keep it one hundred and I'll forever be yours.. (repeat Chorus) bridge: Baby your the one I've waited for.. and lately I've been thinkin about your love.. You got me wantin you more and more.. Cause baby all I want to say is.. I hope you feel me too (repeat chorus)