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Paradise (I.U.I. Band '2010) . . . TAMPA, FL
"I.U.I." Band 2010 - Tampa, FL (5:12) - VOCALS: S.Mesina /// DRUMS: S.Garrett /// GUITAR: I.vom Saal /// BASS: J.Orellana . . . Alternative Rock/Metal, Hard Rock . . . (cont)
Alternative - Alternative General
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June 07, 2012
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Story behind the song
Creative Loafing Review -- "This is a must hear Tampa Bay band. If you're a fan of 90's Alternative-Rock mixed with a dose of Modern Rock & Alternative-Metal thrown in for good measure, then IUI is a band for you. Mesina's vocals are a hauntingly similar mix of Vedder (Pearl Jam) & Stapp (Creed), yet he seems to pull off a style all his own; Garrett's drumming flurries & syncopated rhythms are reminiscent of drummers like Del Real (Wax on Radio), Hewitt (Placebo), & Wysocki (Staind); Vomsaal is an inspiringly unique guitarist. His rhythm work has the creative nuance of Gossard (Pearl Jam), while his lead playing and melodic sense reminds me of both Page (Led Zeppelin) & Gilmour (Pink Floyd), a fresh mix of styles, technique, & feeling; Finally, Orellana's bass playing is a thunderous mix of Butler (Black Sabbath), Burton (Metallica), Commerford (RATM, Audioslave), & Chancellor (Tool), crushing at times & heavy groove at others - I have one word to describe this band . . . AWESOME" - Polk
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