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This song is for all women who are tired of playing games in relationships and you want a man who don't mind being with a real woman
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Urban - R&B/Soul/Pop
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Maxine Hopkins
2012 BMI Maxine Hopkins BMI Publishing 200%
May 25, 2012
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Story behind the song
The story behind this song is I got a divorce and was not used to dating being that I was from a christian family, and when my ex walked out on me I started dating these stupid men and they were all about games and I got discouraged and that's when Jesus stepped in and said can I be your man,
said i'll never love again, said i'll never trust another man, said i'll never just open up my heart let somebody in promising me a brand new start, said i'll never forget my past , never jump in a relationship so fast , I said i'll never love again til Jesus came and asked me , he said Can I be Ya man He said if I be ya man you'll never have to cry no mo, he said if i be yo man i 'll help you bear ya load, he said if I be ya man dry that weeping eye , he said if I be ya man cause you to live and not die, he said if I be ya man supply you every need, if I be ya man you can fully trust in me, so open up your heart let me give you a brand new start let me be ya man, i know where you been
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