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The Perfect Woman
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Tommy Brandt
Tommy Brandt Livingston
May 10, 2012
MP3 3.6 MB, 160 kbps, 3:08
Verse 1 Ever since I was a younger boy never was a doubt I was destined for all the finer things in life Cause mamma always wanted the best for me she prayed real hard wore out her knees hoping to find the ideal wife I'm happy to say my heart's content Got an Angel, God sent Chorus She's got a bass boat and a Z28 box seat tickets to the Nascar race got a double wide that's double high and a Harley sittin’ in the drive She's a gourmet cook of cornbread and beans her favorite color is John Deer green got an hour glass figure and bouffant hair my Mamma's answered prayers she's the perfect woman Verse 2 I met her in a deer stand out in the stix carrying a hot pink thirty ought six an ATV, four wheel drive Our first date was at a bass pro shop and we got married wearing camouflage cowboy boots, jeans tucked inside now we've got a couple, kids of our own and a bird dog named Ham Bone Repeat Chorus Tag She likes Waylon and Willie, Wrangler Jeans Watches CSI and UFC Got a Sunday school dress, no tan lines A Preacher’s daughter with a wild side She’s the perfect woman
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